Why can't I find Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) at regional level when I use Instant Search?

Instant Search is a free, unlimited search engine to test Screena's capabilities across a collection of public watchlists.

Instant Search's watchlists are populated with entities continuously published by government authorities or international organizations.

In this regard, Instant Search's PEP coverage is limited to individuals published on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)'s online directory of World Leaders and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments, an index of most national-level cabinet members in world governments. Therefore it excludes PEPs at regional level.

For more details about Screena's global watchlist coverage, please check the answer to the question: Which lists are available out of the box?

If you need PEP coverage at regional level, please get in touch with us. Our sales team will connect you to one of our data partners providing Commercial-Off-The-Shelve (COTS) watchlists with extended PEP coverage.

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