Release date: May 1, 2023.

We are pleased to announce the release of Screena API version 2.1.14, with a number of new features and improvements to enhance your experience with Screena.

  • Record category filter: A new algorithm categoryAlgo has been added to include or exclude matches for specific record categories. This algorithm functions similarly to entityTypeAlgo and can be used, for example, to narrow the scope of searches to specific PEP categories such as Close Associate, Diplomat, or Judge.

  • Identity document matching: A new identifier-matching algorithm identityDocumentAlgo has been added to match identity document numbers. This algorithm comes with a new algorithm type pattern that allows identifying strings of characters that match a specific pattern while ignoring those that do not. It matches the input string with a pattern that includes an obscured version of the string, with only certain visible characters. Here are three examples that illustrate how this algorithm type works:

  • Value controls: New controls have been added to ensure that the values provided for the following search parameters are always valid:

    1. dataset labels,

    2. entity types specified with the entityTypeAlgo algorithm parameters include and exclude.

    If any invalid value is used with these search parameters, an error will now be returned.

  • Stopword handling: Screena now guarantees that a hit is always returned if a name provided within a narrative field, consisting entirely of stopwords, is an exact or near-exact match with a watchlist record.

  • Names combined with numbers: In some cases, names combined with numbers within narratives (e.g., '140 Repair Plant') prevented potential true matches. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Public watchlists: Screena's out-of-the-box watchlist coverage has been extended to include 3 new lists:

For more information on Screena's out-of-the-box watchlists, please visit this page:

Thank you for using Screena, and we hope you enjoy the enhancements in this release.

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