What screening parameters can I configure to meet my risk appetite?

On top of name similarity scoring, our screening approach allows you to automatically leverage secondary attributes (i.e., dates of birth, places of birth, nationalities, addresses, places of registry, flags, BICs, LEIs) for comprehensive named-entity matching, also known as secondary attributes-matching. The accuracy of the matching algorithms applied to secondary attributes can be adjusted based on the risk appetite of the firms as well as the completeness and quality of the data available in the lists.

Typically, geo-based algorithms can be configured to match locations within the same region or subregion, while date-matching algorithms can detect whether two dates are within the same month, year, quadrennium or decade. Screening results systematically include all attributes and information needed to understand why a match is returned.

Screena also provides custom libraries to rate – and alert on – risky locations (e.g., countries, cities or regions) when screening customers and transactions, in either structured or unstructured format. Results are returned in accordance with the risk rating library configured by the customers.

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