How do you adhere to GDPR?

Screena respects privacy and security. There is no monitoring or record of any action undertaken, and customers’ personal data is not stored. None of the information sent is saved. We only count the number of match queries executed per month for billing purposes.

For Screena Firm users, we are committed to sticking as much as possible to the principle above. However, on-demand, we offer custom conditions with the possibility of storing personal data with specific security rules, 256-bit encryption and legal safeguards. Such storage is thus limited to private watchlists.

Screena Cloud is hosted on AWS data center located in Paris, France, Europe. This choice is motivated by the high level of security compliance (ISO27001, SOC2, and more) ensured by AWS.

We also provide other regions to adhere to local data protection requirements. Our clients choose the region they want their data to be processed. We do not transfer personal data between geographical data centers.

Public watchlists and third-party watchlists are under the responsibility of the public organizations/vendors creating the databases.

When requested to store internal watchlists, data is kept anonymous at all times as we encrypt data in transit in compliance with AES-256 SHA 512. The data remains the full responsibility of the financial institution creating it.

Please check our privacy and security policy for more information.

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