Is there a template to upload private lists into Screena?

To upload your private list into Screena, you must respect our CSV file specifications, which are highly flexible:

  • The CSV file shall be encoded in UTF-8.

  • The order of the fields in the CSV file is not important.

  • Unnecessary fields can be omitted in the CSV file.

  • The delimiter between columns is the pipe.

  • It is possible to provide multiple values (name attributes, countries, dates, ...) in a field. The delimiter between multiple values is the semicolon.

You can download the template below describing all detailed CSV specifications with a data sample.

You can use this template to enter your data and automatically convert them into a CSV format ready for import:

Please make sure you never use the return carriage character in any of the cells of the 'Input' tab. The return carriage character will alter the automatic conversion to CSV format done in the 'Ready for Import' tab and prevent the CSV file from being uploaded to Screena.

Please check the API documentation of Screena's Bulk Importing endpoint to learn more about how to import your data into a dataset.

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