What are your standard support & maintenance agreements?

For Screena One and Plus subscribers, we provide next business day email support.

For Screena Firm subscribers, we provide support according to the priority of the incidents:

P1 Incidents

We provide support within 4 support working hours in case of P1 incident from the moment the incident has been reported and all required information to start the investigation has been provided by the customer.

We provide continuous support during the support working hours until a resolution has been delivered or a work-around implemented.

Business days and support working hours mean from Monday 9:00 AM to Friday 6:00 PM in the Central European Time zone (CET).

Definition of incidents per priority:



Urgent, critical incident

Service is down, critical functions cannot be performed. No further work can be performed, or processing capability is so limited that the probability of a serious operational backlog is created.


Serious incident

Major functionality severely impaired. The customer is experiencing an incident causing a severe loss of service – however operation can continue in a restricted fashion.



Partial, non-critical functionality impacted. The customer is experiencing an incident causing a minor loss of service. Impact is inconvenient.


Minor Incident

General, low impact problems, documentation issues. The inconvenience is slight and can be tolerated. Or general question or information request. No impact on operational condition of product.

For tailor-made support & maintenance agreements, please contact us.

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