What is the difference between 'matchingNames' in screening responses and 'names' in 'targetData'?

"The matchingNames object returns the precise name from a target dataset's record that initiated a match.

Often, the target record includes multiple name variations, such as the primary name, aliases, or alternative spellings in non-Latin scripts. The matchingNames object enhances explainability by pinpointing the exact name from the target record responsible for the match, with the response score being directly linked to this name.

Screena consistently provides a unique matching name for this object in the response, which can be either a full name or a parsed name. Notably, this object is always included in named-entity matching scenarios.

In geo matching, however, this object is not included.

In identifier matching, it is included only if an associated name exists with the matching identifier. For instance, when matching digital currency identifiers, a named entity is not always present in the watchlist alongside the identifier, such as a crypto wallet address.

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