What are name cultures and how does Screena handle them?

What is a name culture?

At Screena, "name cultures" refer to the categorization of names based on the cultural context in which they are used, recognizing the diversity in name conventions across different regions and cultural groups. This approach goes beyond simply classifying names by language or alphabet.

How does Screena identify and use name cultures?

Our system uses an automated process to identify individual name cultures, which are represented using romanized scripts and assigned a two-letter code based on the ISO 639-1 standards. By doing so, we enhance the accuracy of name matching through the deployment of AI models tailored to specific cultural contexts.

For example, the name "Jean Dupont" is typically associated with French culture and is processed using models that are sensitive to French naming conventions. Similarly, "Christopher Harris" would be recognized under an English-speaking culture, using models designed for English names.

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