How can I update my private list?

Once you’ve uploaded your data, you need to update your private list as the data changes.

The upload of your private list works via incremental updates. Whenever you add, edit, or delete data from your private list, you want to update the corresponding records, so they reflect the latest state of your data.

Tracking each record with a unique identifier

To perform incremental updates, you need to declare a unique identifier for each record so you can track what data matches what record.

You need to store the unique identifier in the dataID attribute so you can leverage it to perform updates or deletions.

Adding records

Whenever you need to add new data to your private list, you can do so with a regular CSV file upload by creating a new record associated with a new unique identifier dataID.

Updating records

When saving a record in Screena, if a record with the specified dataID already exists in your private list, the engine replaces it. You can update an existing record using this method with a regular CSV file upload and specifying the dataID.

(In)activating records

Screena allows you to manage the activation and inactivation of one to many records into your private list with a regular CSV file upload. This method removes records from the matching process without permanently deleting them. This effectively means you can activate and reactivate relevant records anytime.

The activation and inactivation of a record are done via the attribute active:

  • If active is true, the record is active and can be searched and matched upon.

  • If active is false, the record can't be matched or searched.

  • If active is not provided, Screena will set the parameter to true.

To ensure full traceability of data, Screena does not allow hard deletion of records.

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