Release date: December 12, 2022.

We are pleased to announce the release of Screena API version 2.1.12, with a number of new features and improvements to enhance your experience with Screena.

New Features

  • Whitelisting of specific watchlist aliases: A new custom library has been added to allow you to whitelist specific watchlist aliases, such as 'SALEH' on the EU list.

  • Keyword retrieval endpoint: An endpoint has been added to retrieve all keywords per dataset or across all of them: GET /rest/v2/datasets/keywords/{label}.

🪄 Improvements

  • Improved control over low-quality watchlist aliases: An option has been added at API key level to prevent matches against low-quality watchlist aliases.

  • Name concatenation handling: Screena has been improved to handle the concatenation of names starting with the same letters, so that 'ST STE' no longer matches with 'JSC RUSTE'.

  • Narrative matching: Screena now matches narratives more accurately by discarding stopwords combined with a suffix.

  • Normalization rule improvements: Inaccurate matches resulting from the normalization rule transforming numbers to letters have been prevented, for example, '10 S' no longer matches with 'Savanhu, Tendai' after transformation to 'Ten S'.

  • Synchronous dataset import: Small-size datasets can now be imported synchronously.

🪛 Bug Fixes

  • Core library content: Some elements were declared incorrectly in the core library of suffixes, causing irrelevant matches. This has now been fixed.

🛡️ Security Enhancements

  • API key length: The length of API keys has been increased to provide 24 bytes of entropy, up from 12 bytes.

Our support team will be contacting all customers using API keys based on 12 bytes of entropy to schedule the migration of their existing API keys.

Thank you for using Screena, and we hope you enjoy the enhancements in this release.

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