How is watchlist data loaded into Screena?

Watchlist data can be uploaded either automatically from public or commercial sources, or on demand (private lists).

Public watchlists, also known as Open Source Intelligence lists (OSINT), are crawled from the internet in their original formats (XML, CSV, JSON).

Likewise, Commercial Off-The-Shelve lists (COTS) are uploaded in their native formats – including full stock and deltas. Integrating lists from third-party data vendors only requires a user and password to allow the Screena application to download the lists from the vendor's portal. You must purchase a license from the data vendor of your choice to obtain a user and password.

Private lists can be uploaded through the API in JSON or CSV format. All private lists containing personally identifiable information are encrypted in transit and at rest.

To learn how to upload your private list into Screena, check the answer to this question: Is there a template to upload private lists into Screena?

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